Flash Espruino on ESP8266-01 board

Here some instruction on how to flash the Espruino system in the ESP8266-01 board using a USB-TTL adapter.


In order to flash the ESP8266-01 with Espruino we need to put the ESP in flash mode. To put the ESP in flash mode we need to pull-up gpio2, and pull down gpio0.

The EPS8266-01 pinout:

Image source: https://www.myelectronicslab.com/

Then the schema used to put the ESP in flash mode when connected to a FT232 adapter:

A summary of the connections:


To flash Espruino simply run this command:

You should get the following output:

First connection

In order to run in normal mode we need to change the connection schema:

I had some trouble connecting the ESP8266-01 for the first time to the Espruino IDE. I was able to connect to it using a standard serial software but no way with the IDE.

I’ve then installed the Espruino Tools and uploaded a first sample application that makes the ESP connect to the WiFi.

And here the sample.js code:

After the sample upload I was able to connect to my ESP using the Espruino IDE.

One thought on “Flash Espruino on ESP8266-01 board

  1. This helped a lot. I’m using ESP-01 and the serial -> IDE connection wouldn’t work either. The espruino also has an open telnet port 23, but you have to use netcat to access it

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