Foto profilo Federico De Faveri

I’m Federico De Faveri, a software developer that likes to experiment. I’ve started at the age of eleven with my Commodore 64 when I’ve discovered that it can be used also for programming other than to play games. From that “discovery” I’ve started programming first in Basic, then in Turbo Pascal then C and finally Java.

I’ve soon understood that I like computer science so I’ve been enrolled to CS course at the University of Pisa.

Just after the graduation I’ve started working at the ISTI (Institute of Information Science and Technologies) of CNR (Institute of the National Research Council of Italy). There I’ve worked as RIA developer in different European projects (iMarine, EuBrazilOpenBio, D4Science).

After the CNR experience I’ve started working at FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) as Web Application developer. Here I’ve developed web application using technologies like Dart and Polymer.

Currently I’m woking as senior software engineer and team leader at Targa Telematics where I’m responsible for IoT projects.

I’m also fascinated by robotics and electronics. In the free time I’m playing with my Arduinos, Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms.

In this blog I would like to publish some of my experiments both in computer science and in electronics.

(Italian version)

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