Work related projects

  • Sharks: a web application for the visualization of the “Database of measures on conservation and management of Sharks”.
  • Grade: a platform for linked data repository maintenance: import, transformation of data, data visualization, SPARQL query definition and testing, data publication.
  • Cotrix: a web application for code list import, management and export.

Personal projects

Some personal projects I’m working/worked on:

  • johloh: A Java API for Ohloh API.
  • csv_configuration_guesser: A CSV configuration guesser for Dart.
  • yahoo-weather-java-api: A Java library for the yahoo weather RSS feed service.
  • jkippt: A Java library for the API.
  • web-drisc: A compiler, interpreter and IDE for the DRISC language.
  • dynargs: A framework for the run-time generation of GWT (GXT) forms/widgets starting from a simple Java Class.